Tablet POS system

Tablet POS system

Flexible POS system for businesses with not that many space or with trendy atmosphere

The tablet POS system is becoming popular, with a screen size of 10” up to 14”. Restaurants & food shops choose for a tablet POS system when they :

  • do not have that many space
  • want to provide a hip/trendy image or
  • think that the tablet POS system is the cheapest solution

We have lots of experience in delivering and supporting the tablet POS system. Please make sure to understand a tablet is still a consumer product, and is not manufactured to withstand up to 12 hours of intense usage per day without technical risks within 2 years.

You can buy a quality tablet 10” in the range of @Eur 450,-, for a 14” tablet you pay around Eur 900,-. For your information: the price of a professional POS terminal with a 15” touch screen and minimal footprint is as from Eur 990,-.

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