Takeaway/delivery pack promo

Takeaway/delivery pack promo

1 pack to serve and serve your target customer in 1 hit

  • Sales software – also can be used as POS system
  • Printer
  • Telephone modem
  • Website
  • Webshop
  • Back-office dashboard
  • Integration with order platforms
  • Several integrated payment methods

Manage your business efficiently at your smartphone or laptop with your personalised dashboard to be up-to-date in 1 click with your POS system, website, orders, reservations, loyalty program, promotions, customer advertisement screen, etc.

Of course we take care of the installation & training in your business. Including programming of the menu and/or products and prices. We are offering a professional POS touchscreen terminal optionally or you choose your own DIY PC hardware. Including all tools and integrations relevant for the smart hospitality and food & beverages retail entrepreneur.

The connection of your telephone with the POS terminal is an essential feature for take-away & delivery restaurants.

The website design can also be designed and developed based on your personal requirements.

Don’t miss the right digitisation trend of your products, staff and business!

The independant support tools for your business!
Differentiate from the competition now